Center of South East AsiaDanang Overview

Danang is the Capital City, the engine for economic growth of the Central Vietnam, the gateway to East-West Economic Corridor linking Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.

Danang is the commercial and education center of the Central of Vietnam, with a well-sheltered easily accessible port, its location on the path of National Route 1A and the North-South Railway, make it a HUB for transportation. It is located within  100km of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Imperial City of Hue, the Old Town of Hoi An…


Population: 1.01 million (2014)
Area: 484.94 square miles (1,266 km2)

Being the pioneer in the Central region and the second city in Vietnam cooperating with IBM to develop ICT infrastructure under IBM’s “Smarter City” model, in 2012 Danang was awarded by IBM as one of 33 Smart Cities in the world.

Danang  also has been proven with successful records as:

1.    Number # 1 ranking in ICT Index for the 6th consecutive year in Vietnam
2.    Number # 1 ranking in IT infrastructure in Vietnam
3.    Number # 2 ranking in IT manufacturing in Vietnam
4.    Number # 3 ranking in IT Human Resources in Vietnam


Danang is awesome